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InSquared is the UK’s best instant-print photography service. We’ve teamed up with Photoflyer to transform our Instax photos into the most excellent brand promotion tool. Everybody loves getting an iconic Instax photo with friends! These authentic mementoes are engaging to make, filled with retro charm, last for decades and can feature your logo.

We combine the power of Instax with our experienced portrait photographers, for an instant print alternative that far outshines other alternative party photography services..

Harness the power
of instax as a marketing tool.

We combine the power of Instax with unique branded sticker frames called Photoflyers. Our prints are the perfect marketing tool for brands, events and campaigns. With our expertise, we can help you achieve the best campaign conversions possible.

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Personalise your prints
with Photoflyer

The Instax prints we make are of great quality and last for years. Why not take some worthwhile time to customise your own specially designed print borders? Our photoflyer instax prints are excellent ways to really make these mementoes stand out even more! We’ll help you come up with a great design and find other special ways to customise your prints.

The power to connect and involve people

We capture special moments that people love to keep. Photoflyer allows us to connect those people with your company. Our tailor-made service can be designed and delivered to meet the needs of every unique brand, event or campaign. Photoflyer ships across the world. Here are some examples of the companies that have used photoflyer.

Choosing to book InSquared for your event

We are so happy you’re interested in hiring InSquared Photography for your upcoming event. Our young company really appreciates your support. The InSquared team is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible, designed exactly to your needs. Whatever the project, whatever the budget, we will have tons of affordable options for you. Get in touch with us via our contact page and we’ll get back to you to discuss your project in-depth within a few days.

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