The Branding Service
Your Marketing Campaign Needs

As part of a sponsorship campaign, our prints can to transform into a brand promotion tool like no other.

We work in partnership with Photoflyer to produce custom borders for our prints, suited to your campaign.

Our professional portrait photographers engage with clients and capture quality images.

Your brand can be associated with the positive memories we love to capture.


Harness the power
of Instax as a marketing tool.

We combine the power of Instax with unique branded sticker frames called Photoflyers. Our prints are the perfect marketing tool for brands, events and campaigns. With our expertise, we can help you achieve the best campaign conversions possible.

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Choose your favourite Instax camera

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Wide Format:

Analogue only
Image size: 62mm x 99mm
Print size: 86mm x 108mm

Square Format:

Digital &/or Analogue
Image size: 62mm by 62mm
Print size: 72mm by 86mm

Mini Format:

Digital &/or Analogue
Image size: 46mm x 62mm
Print size: 54mm x 86mm

Not sure what you want? We can help you pick the right option for your event.

The power to connect and involve people

We capture special moments that people love to keep. Photoflyer allows us to connect those people with your company. Our tailor-made service can be designed and delivered to meet the needs of every unique brand, event or campaign. Photoflyer ships across the world. Here are some examples of the companies that have also worked with Photoflyer.